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Can I Use Another's Photo Online?

Photo credit to my wife, Ashley, for this beautiful picture

Autumn is a great time of the year; leaves start to change color, college football is in full gear, and it starts getting cooler. The getting cooler party would be great if it actually worked that way in Georgia. It is not a gradual decline in temperature, it is more of "still summer...still summer...BAM! COLD!" Well, cold for the south. At least we still get the color change, and the humidity does become less intolerable. I digress...

Autumn may not be "peak wedding season," but the changes in color can create some absolutely stunning photos, on their own and for the bride and groom. While many photos of autumn leaves may look similar, each is unique in that they all have separate copyright protection attached them at the moment of creation. An abundance of a type of photo, such as a skyline or autumn leaves, does not negate the copyright that attaches to the photos, and using them can land you in some trouble. You may see some photos that strike awe into you and want to share them with others, but does copyright law allow you to do that? It may depend on how you intend to use the photo, but the main concern is whether you have permission from the photographer. A recent example of copyright infringement oh a photograph comes from Texas where the University of Houston used a photograph taken by skyline photographer Jim Oliver without first obtaining a license. You can read the original story from the Houston Chronicle here (Photo sparks intellectual property battle with University of Houston).

So, can you use another's photo online? To find the answer, check out the guest post I wrote for the Wedding Industry Law blog earlier this month. It covers whether you can use that awe-inspiring photo on your own website. Original Post.

Meanwhile, tell us about your favorite time of the year or amazing photos you have captured. Share a link too if you want to show off your work. 

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