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Giving Back to the Arts Community

Left: Matthew Goings (me)     Right: Garrett Dye

For those who do not know, I have been a musician since I was in Pre-K, when I began taking piano lessons. I continued piano lessons through my senior year of high school. During middle school, I picked up the saxophone and played in marching band all the way through college at the University of Georgia. I need to get back to playing; just have to find the time and an outlet around where I live. In law school, I wanted to stay involved with music, so I took an externship (an internship, except you get class credit for it) with Georgia Lawyers for the Arts ("GLA"). It is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide pro-bono legal assistance and legal education to the Georgia arts community. This includes musicians, artists, writers, etc. I enjoyed being involved with them so much that after I graduated and passed the (infamous) Bar Exam, I went back to continue volunteering with them while I build my practice.

Anyway, I tell you this for a reason. This month, I had the honor of having an article published in the monthly magazine, The Atlanta Lawyer. November's theme was the arts and entertainment industry in the legal field. So, here is the link to November's issue of The Atlanta Lawyer. Enjoy! NOTE: My article appears on Page 18.

While the article focuses on what legal professionals can do to give back to the arts community, there is also much that non legal professionals can do. For starters, don't illegally copy the music that you enjoy; buy it! Support those artists, especially local ones, so they can continue bringing you great music. Buy art. Many artists create their work for a living. Go to art events, find artwork that speaks to you, meet the artist(s), and purchase their art. To the right you will see a picture of a piece of art that my wife and I recently purchased. I saw one of the artist's pieces at GLA and loved it. So we had the artist create a piece for our home. You can also just donate to GLA. It is tax deductible and helps GLA continue providing its services.

**The artist is Wednesday Bluz. She is great! Check out her work on Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/wednesdaybluzcustoms/.**

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